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Individual 30 min Lessons (all ages 8+)

  • Singing for Fun: informal, individual lesson, exploring your vocal potential, $350 per term.

  • Contemporary: preparation for contemporary vocal performance, including microphone technique, $350 per term.

  • Personalised Coaching for Technique: preparation for musical theatre, auditions and exams, including accompanist in lessons, $350-700 per term.​

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Naomi Lorimer

Violin and Viola Teacher, Female Singing Teacher

Children Singing in a Choir

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn to sing?

Singing well takes time to learn if starting from a beginner level. What stops many people from learning is often the time, the person's level of interest and motivation and the mindset that singing is only for the 'talented' and 'gifted'. Most of the wonderful singers we hear are only wonderful due to the amount of practice and learning they commit to. It is not just up to natural ability, it depends on the amount of time, practice and motivation you are prepared to put in.

What kind of music will I learn?

We will endeavour to tailor what you learn in your lessons to your personal tastes, however, we tend to try and introduce everyone to genres of music that they may have never heard before (folk, classical, etc). However, there may be some

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“Without music, life would be a blank to me”

Jane Austen

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