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Music Theory Exam Preparation

$300 per term, weekly 30 min individual lesson.

Adult Musicianship Classes

$300 per term, weekly 60 min group lesson.

Children's Musicianship Classes

$300 per term, weekly 60 min group lesson.

(Currently not running due to Covid-19)


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Stefanie Lorimer

M.Ed. (CHC), B.Ed. (UQ), B.A.Mus. (Griffith), Grad.Cert.Aural Studies (UQ), Associate (Yamaha Music Foundation), Member (Kodaly Music Education Institute Australia)

Piano Teacher, Choir Conductor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is music theory important?

Music theory helps you comprehend music better. The more you know, the better your ability to play and compose will be.

If I can already play an instrument without knowing music theory, why bother learning it?

Many people can’t read or write, yet still have the ability to communicate verbally. Similarly, many musicians have never learned to read or write music. Music theory helps musicians learn new techniques and new styles while at the same time improving their composing and performing abilities.

Do I need to know theory if I only play a percussion instrument?

Many percussion players, especially drummers, think their role as the percussion player means that they simply determine and keep the beat and that everyone else is following their lead. However, an experienced percussionist realises that they are a part of the group. They know that in order to play well with the rest of the members in the group, they need to know how time signatures, note values, etc. work and how to effectively use tempo and dynamics to best fit each individual piece.

Will learning music theory hinder my ability to improvise?

Just like learning proper grammar doesn't keep people from using slang, learning music theory, especially about chord progressions and intervals, will make playing with other musicians and improvising that much easier.

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"

Arthur O’Shaughnessy

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