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String Quartet


Private Violin Tuition (Up to and including AMEB grade 4), $300 per term, weekly 30 min individual lesson.

Private Viola Tuition (specialising in beginners), $300 per term, weekly 30 min individual lesson.

Private Cello Tuition (up to and including AMEB grade 8), $350 per term, weekly 30 min individual lesson.


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Aaron Lorimer

Cello Teacher

Violin Players

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on an instrument?

For violin, if you are a total beginner or playing just for fun, an instrument between $200 and $500 is sufficient. Viola is quite similar, with a price range between $300 and $600 and for a cello, between $800 and $1500. However, after purchasing these, we do suggest you bring them to a professional to be adjusted as they do come "out-of-the-box". 

However, if you are aiming to develop a good string instrument technique, the price for instruments is quite a bit higher. For violin, between $600 and $1000, for viola, between $700 and $1500, and for cello, between $1500 and $3000.

We suggest stores such as Animato or Simply for Strings to purchase your instruments from.

Please do not buy an instrument from Aldi.

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“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness”

Maya Angelou

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